Monday, July 17, 2017

Looking back at my OLD T45 Manias!

Hey y'all! Welcome back to the blog:). I am so very sorry for not posting the last few weeks! I am actually in Palm Coast, Florida for a couple more days so there's that AND I start school on dang July 31st... yeah. So basically I'll be in school in two weeks when y'all are still at the beach smh. Anyways, let's get into this post! Oh and btw, T45 is still active I just haven't had time. WILL be out next week I'm 95% sure. Remember, 95 not 100:)). Anyways, Enjoy the post!

We are going to take a nice look at my old T45 Mania charts! We are gonna focus on the Fall/Winter of 2014 today, so my early blogging days! We're gonna look at the chart (duh duh duh) and I'll make comments about certain songs and also look at the exits, entrants, and other stuff like that! I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this and I have a lot of T45 Mania's so yeah! Hope y'all enjoy! Let's get into it...

Week of October 11th, 2014
~ Ok so before the chart I said, "this week is very interesting"... hmm let's see if that holds up.

~ First off, I notice that there's a song in the BOTTOM five that i actually would be quite okay with if i heard it today: 5 Seconds Of Summer- Amnesia. I don't think i appreciated this song enough because it's actually a very good song for a boy band. I do believe it did will on T45 though, so that's nice!

~ I see T.I./Iggy Azalea- No Mediocre at #34 here. I know this song did hit #1 and I'm not exactly sure why or how i liked it THAT much. Sure, it's pretty good but I mean nothing #1 special...

~ At #32 I see the Despacito of 2014 in Bailando from Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul! Another underappreciated song by me (c'mon Lance). I definitely think now I would like this song much much more than i did then just about three years ago. So yeah, I found the interesting.

~ I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THIS SONG HOW! Kendrick Lamar's I is probably one of the more underrated songs in a while. The song was absolutely great in my opinion and I'm sad I didn't like it more back in 2014! Such an underrated song...

~ New Flame from Chris Brown/Usher/Rick Ross was definitely one of the better songs from 2014 in my opinion. It came in at #14 on this T45 Mania and rightfully so. The song was extremely catchy and to be honest, I still would enjoy it quite a bit if I heard it.

~ Now into the top 10 with, and quote me, the MOST underrated song of 2014: Milky Chance- Stolen Dance. Such a good song here! The chorus was great and pretty much everything else was unbelievable about the song! Now, I may have gone crazy saying it was the #1 most underrated but it's pretty dang close to it...

~ My last comment on this T45 Mania will be about the #1 song which was Jeremih & Yg's Don't Tell Em! Still, a really fun song to this day this one definitely deserved the #1 spot! Great choice 2014 Lance, great choice!

Week of November 8th, 2014
~ We start at #36 with a song I'm mad I ever enjoyed... Imagine Dragons- I Bet My Life. It's not that this is a bad song or anything but... It's just not a great one. At best, this is an okay song. I always thought the chorus was weak (honesty is great kids) and yeah i mean chorus' make the song a lot of the time and this chorus wasn't great. Imagine dragons has definitely redeemed themselves lately though!

~ At #34 we had the debut of one of my favorite from 2014, Body Language from Kid Ink, Usher, And Tinashe! The chorus on this song is so good it's crazy. The catchiness is basically unmatched I mean I was singing along everytime! Good find by 2014 Lance here!

~ Fergie- L.A. Love was at #20 on this T45 Mania! It's odd because I was just listening to this for some reason like five days ago so yeah. But yeah, this was a really catchy one! Great pre-chorus on this track like I mean it was very good! Another underrated song from 2014, sadly:(.

~ Ella Henderson- Ghost jumps in at #12 on this T45 Mania and for great reason! We had some really good chorus' in 2014 (Blank Space, Animals, Centuries, Don't, and Black Widow) but this one doesn't come up short of any of those (besides maybe Animals or Blank Space) and the chorus is the main reason I enjoyed the song! It really hooked you and honestly, this song should've been much more popular.

~ Alesso/Tove Lo- Heroes was #2 and I'm sorry but I just don't remember loving this song. Sure it's catchy and all but I don't know why it was at #2.. because it had no reason to be there. Bad decision 2014 Lance....

~ and... onto the most stupid thing I did in 2014. Sabrina Carpenter- Middle Of Starting Over was #1 and well yeah... let's just say It only lasted 3 or so weeks after hitting #1. So yeah, a fluke #1. This song should've never hit #1 or really ever been on T45 Mania ever... but whatever. Another bad choice 2014 Lance...smh. But, on the bright side, since then Sabrina has released two very good singles (Thumbs and Why) and one of them is possibly my favorite song right now (Why) so yeah, good job Sabrina!

Thanks for reading the post guys! I love y'all so much and I hope you have had a great day by the way (since I never said that at the beginning)! I had a lot of fun doing this post so if you guys want more and/or you want me to look at my old Hits 1 Weekend Countdown posts just leave a comment letting me know! I love you guys so so much and I hope y'all have a great rest of your day:) as always...

- G1GB ❤️

- Lance :)


  1. "At #34 we had the debut of one of my favorite from 2014, Body Language from Kid Ink, Usher, And Tinashe!"

    I thought that song was from 2015?

    "Now into the top 10 with, and quote me, the MOST underrated song of 2014: Milky Chance- Stolen Dance."

    YES! That's amazing!

    1. No it's not, it's from 1998. HAHAHA!!!

    2. No, Chase. One of the song's singers, Tinashe was born in 1993, so she would've only been 5 then. Lesson learned: Logic always wins! (Not the rapper)

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  4. Lance, come back!